NaNaWriMo Winner!

I met my NaNaWriMo goal and wrote 51,079 words in 30 days.
I’ve been thinking about how right now I can’t RUN a marathon, but I can WRITE one, and I’m so glad I hung in there when I really wanted to quit.

More later! For now, I am a wee bit tired of typing.

4 comments on “NaNaWriMo Winner!

  1. Golly! And with NINE minutes to spare!! Yeehaa! Jose

    Sent from my roaming iPhone. You can also catch me @ (301) 266-3930


  2. joansbrain says:

    Since you are WINNER, is there some sort of prize other that self-satisfaction that you really did it? XXXXX Congratulations Joan XXX

  3. Terry says:

    WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! Congratulations!!!! I”m so proud of you!!!!! blessings and much love!

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