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The wheel of the year has brought us Northern Hemisphere dwellers to Candlemas, aka Imbolc, Groundhog Day and often Chinese New Year, give or take a week or so.  Though snow may lie on the ground, below the earth the seeds are beginning to stir, and the days have grown noticeably longer since the bottom of the year.

This morning I rose as the nearly-full moon was setting, framed by holly trees lined with snow. It made a delicate image, like and engraving, but it was a living scene, and it passed in a few moments as Luna sank into the horizon. The dog and I were exhaling steam, and the sky grew paler rose-grey with each breath.

It’s time to become aware of that quickening within: when you step out your door in the morning stay open to the small miracles all around you, and feel how they connect inside.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Art*Spirit*Nature

  1. “It’s time to become aware of that quickening within…”

    I LOVE THIS – thank you for that mantra…

    Will write another time…Just know that last Wednesday was ‘my time of the month’ but my insurer (GEHA) said the IV drug had been approved but 5 days later denied coverage.

    So rather than 28 days between IV Rx, I am on day 34 with no word – but please know that was not going to keep me from the VILLAGE BALL last Saturday and it did not. I went with Terry, Ron and Lee and jitterbugged with 2 neighborhood guys to the excellent big band music.

    Fatigue is not so bad but my ‘cognition’ stuff is maddening!

    Much Love from Dutch and Joni!

  2. Great writing as ususal. As a previous commenter said the reader gets the feeling that they are right there with you in real time. Organic Gardening and Farming Magazine suggested “using bugs to eat other bugs” versus chemcal pesticides. Either way bugs get killed . It seems the way with material nature that all life is at the cost of other life . A Zen master used this as justification for not being vegan. A this world reality we can’t change. Keep up the good work and more power to you.

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