Writing about imagery

I got a comment today with a link, and I debated tossing it in the spam bin. Then I went and had a look at funoak.com. It’s a blog that posts series of amusing and interesting photos. Poking around I found a post about Sarolta Ban, a 27 year-old  artist from Budapest, Hungary. She makes intriguing surrealist photo manipulations that I find very beautiful. Find her on Facebook or at her Flickr.

Images can make a wonderful prompt for writing. Go take a look at Sarolta’s pictures, or find another image that grabs you, and write at least 100 words that are inspired by that image!

to find images, go to flickr, photobucket or google: images and search on keywords. You’ll get lots of interesting things to look at!

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4 thoughts on “Writing about imagery

  1. Thanks for the inspiring idea!

  2. Patrise,

    Excellent idea for encouraging others in their writing. Mostly right now I need to be pushed back into the writing I’ve already been working on, so I’d feel, if I started something else, that I was yet again putting off, putting off. But I did go back and organize the 40 pages I’d already written, numbering each paragraph and then on a separate piece of paper I went through and briefly jotted sown a line or two about the contents of each paragraph to give me a handle on where eactly I’m going with this narrative.

    My comment for you concerns the inspiration I always get from those paintings (like your masthead) you did in France. I think you should do more, More, MORE variations on those themes whether from your mind or from pictures you took. Churn ’em out ala Kinkade as a source of income, making your prices be in keeping with what people (like Ann-Mari) are in a position to pay in these difficult financial times. They’re beautiful and should be in circulation. Love, JP

  3. Fabulous image there. I love giving myself space to just contemplate what burbles up. Don’t hold me to the writing, though. The thought of writing brings me as close to an anxiety attack as I ever come. lol!

  4. Exactly right! When I see a graphic that’s unusually stimulating, my mind will often fill with thoughts I’ve never ‘thunk’ before. Sometimes I can’t resist, and try to capture the sensation with words. The result often reflects something about myself that I hadn’t seen before. Which is sometimes good…but not always. 😉

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