Early writing experiences

from The Children's Drawing Board

The first writing I remember was keeping a diary. Soon after I began to write short stories about horses, my earliest obsession. Since I had consumed all the horse-centered literature available in the children’s section of the library, I decided to write my own.

Those early stories drew on the young persons horse literature tropes of the day. Usually a brave and fiesty stallion evaded capture through speed and cleverness, defended his heard of mares and foals, and struck dramatic poses on the mountain side surveying his domain. I was always the stallion. (An early hint about my gender ‘issues.’)

Today, my writing falls into several catagories: journaling, which has gone online and become interactive; fantasy and fan fiction; blogging, and marketing copy. The journaling and blogging has evolved out of the form of the diary, a desire to create documentary. The marketing copy is one of my coins in the realm. And the fiction is play. My fantasy writing very much parallels the stories  I created as a 10 year old. I am playing with favorite characters and themes and sharing with friends.

What’s the first thing you remember writing? Where did you start your writing practice? How has it changed over time?

Let me know!

blessings, Patrise

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1 thought on “Early writing experiences

  1. Yes, I had horse-love too! Read anything I could find. I loved Marguerite Henry the best, I think. She really brought the drama of the equine spirit to life for me.

    I don’t really think I have any memory of writing fiction until recently. My first memories of writing are of school assignments. Reports and such. I do remember taking a ‘skills and aptitude’ test early on which said I would make a good technical writer. Blargh! I almost cried. lol! I might be recognizing a theme here regarding my love/hate/yearning/fear of writing…. :/

    Wow, look at how you’ve forced movement in my stymied thoughts about writing, already! Thanks! I’ll be getting back to you on this. :DD

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