Remember, Remember the 5th of November

I can’t believe I forgot November the 5th.

Have you ever had a story grab you in such a way that you couldn’t shake it? As if it touched something deep inside?

A few years ago I was seized by a powerful intrique with an image from an upcoming movie. Soon I fell under the spell of the film and its lead character.

Images, themes and lines from the film had deep resonance. The character became my muse, leading me into new creative places. I discovered an online fandom with new friends and the shared passions and ideas there. It changed my creative life in profound ways.

This year, I forgot to honor November the 5th! The immediacy of those themes of revolution have cooled as my creative work has moved into other areas. But V ignited a flame when he followed in Guy Fawkes footsteps, one that is still burning in my creative life.

Think about books, movies, TV, or even a new story or a friend’s tale. What is it that’s moving in you? What response is eager to arise?

Let me know!

thanks, Patrise

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1 thought on “Remember, Remember the 5th of November

  1. I have the blessing, countered by my challenges with numbers, of a fluid fountain pen – not to say I excel, but to say that to write is to release.

    When an Insta-poem strikes, it is both a gift for me, to outline to the recipient my feelings for them, meant in turn as a gift for them, a snippet of another’s brainwave – a vignette of care.

    Though folks express themselves this way or that, based on their linguistic penchants, the boon of the written word is the ability to dance with the syllables shared, before the partner is asked to the floor; this ensures (or at least betters the chance) that the tune meant to be played is the same one the other hears.


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