Raining. November.

This brings the leaves down is wet drifts, and it seems as if they all turn brown at once. My NaNoWriMo friends are gamely surging on above 20,000 words and I am lagging on a mere blog a day!  But its not gloom or despair that’s sidetracking me, it’s mostly joy.

I’m sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for  my appointment with the nutritionist, or Lifestyle Coach as she prefers to be called. I was worried about the scale, but not like I used to be. Not because I’ve been saintly or successful, but because I am doing better in incremental ways, and because I definitely FEEL better. I’m walking better, sleeping better, and more at peace with myself.

So, to be at peace with my blog, I’ll say this: stop trying to post deeply profound and useful essays. You cant really whip those off every day. But you can take the time to get quiet, think about what matters in the moment, and say a few words about  it that will reflect my blogs mission: to explore the  place where art, spirit and nature entwine.

More about entwining, tomorrow.

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