Oh, dear. As you can see, the blog-a-day plan has lapsed. This holiday weekend I thought I’d catch up. This is always less than successful.


First, the Holiday: splendid, busy, social and exhausting in that good way that holidays can be.After Thursday I gave in to this lovely illusion that there was ‘lots of time.’ I did, however begin a very important project: cleaning my office.I began with the far wall, the lovely built-in library shelves, stacked with dusty books and papers, some since move-in, 7 years ago.

Not just cleaning, it turns out. Redoing the books affects the whole house! A friend helped me, and grew frustrated with my organization scheme. Poetry: living room; Art and how-to: studio; erotica, magic and literature: bedroom. etc. Makes sense to me! there are 2 other ‘departments’ around the house.

Then, there’s the give-aways. they have, over 3 days, fallen into 3 catagories. special stuff for special people, Library drop off, and Amazon marketplace.Not to mention the incredible heaps of recycled paper!

Well, by the third day, the office wall is done, and so much space is now available I am amazed.

What do I do with all this lovely space?

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1 thought on “Humbled!

  1. Hello-from South Carolina [Ave.SE] where I live while my home is being renovated. But in the few months I’ve been here-comfortable, safe with Dutch, in this cozy basement apartment of friends – I have STACKS of PAPER – SO-O-O your home saga inspires me to get cracking!
    In the garage on this same property are about 30 BOXES of my STUFF. I know what is in a few of them, but seemingly not missing much. A real inspiration to make, as you did, 3 categories of organizing and enable to make better/creative use of my life.
    Tah! Tah!
    Joni *\[|;-)

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