Spring Abundance!

a little over one year ago I posted a photo of my produce haul from my first veggie garden in ten years. I was delighted with the delicious food and beautiful colours I was reaping so early in the season. I’m ready to repeat the tradition, the first harvest that feels like abundance:

first vegetable harvest of spring

My strawberries, zuccini, chard, kale and radishes are all so lush, and everything else is growing while you watch. It’s magic. (and delicious!)

3 Replies to “Spring Abundance!”

  1. My gosh, such beauty in a basket & edible! Lovely, Patrise. You make me long for the days when I was one with nature : gardens, flowers, lakes , rivers and streams… just me, missing country living!


  2. We worked a community garden last year, in downtown Ithaca, NY, and it was a great experience with folks who knew more than us about gardening.
    This year we have joined a CSA. Either way, we are enjoying fresh produce while supporting local farms.
    It’s not only healthy and an important contribution to our community and our dear earth, it’s a delight to the senses, which you have captured, Patrise!

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