another chapter comes to an end

When the film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, opens July 15, yet another chapter of the Harry Potter phenomenon will come to a close. Just before the final book was published in 2007 I discovered an entire world of HP fans online, including lots of fan artists and writers creating fanwork in great abundance.

The desire for more of JK Rowling’s amazing world drove many of us to generate stories and images to sustain us between the books. I jumped in to the fun, experimenting with digital art, learning from my (much younger!) new friends, rekindling an interest in drawing the human form.

Portrait has always been my weakest skill, and I have been tested, mightily, trying to render beloved characters. Here are a few of my fan artworks from the Harry Potter universe:

Maiden, Mother & Crone

This painting was made for the 2009 HP Crossover Challenge, and my prompt wasShakespeare’s Macbeth. All the art I found for Shakespeare’s 3 witches were negative portrayals of witches as ugly hags, so I chose to paint the Good Witches as the Triple Goddess, and as representatives of Air, Fire and Earth (Baby Teddy and his dragon are Water)

Last Kiss

I painted this for the 2008 Lily Evans/Severus Snape gift exchange. I chose a moment implied, but not written, in the text, where Severus Snape says farewell to his childhood love, as he leaves to join Voldemort’s Death Eaters, and Lily marries James Potter. Snape holds an Aspohodel lily in his hand, significant in potion-making.

Thanks, Dad

Here’s a pastel drawing made for a fanfiction story, Light Between the Cracks and it’s sequel,  where Snape maintained a secret muggle family, along with all of his other secrets! His eldest daughter is of course presented with a Hogwarts letter when she comes of age, revealing who her father really was. Here she is, a successful Ravenclaw student, having visited her father in portrait form for some advice.

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