Today in the Garden

I’m starting a new feature, a garden report, to give me a sense of what happens throughout the year.
  • Tomatoes are all succumbing to blight
  • Fortus beans are all done bearing
  • peppers have small fruits and blossoms; jalapenos are looking the most successful
  • the cheap marigolds are robust and blooming
  • young filet beans are beginning to fruit
  • eggplants – one is flowering
  • added sand, leaf mulch and composted manure to the middle bed and dug it in.
  • yanked a lot of bindweed and quack grass
  • tossed several fat slugs over the fence
  • harvested one potato and one tiny tomato

1 thought on “Today in the Garden

  1. I’m impressed. My little balcony herb garden–basil, mint and chives, struggle in the Florida summer heat–planted too early. Named them Jeter, Mariano and Sada for the three remaining horsemen of the Bronx. Please send some cool Canadian breezes.


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