Today in the Garden

I finished preparing 2/3 of the middle bed and put in seeds of fall crops.

the soil was lumpy, the local clay makes hard clumps, and although I’d dug in sand, manure, and compost, that old clay stick together in hard clumps. So, I raked it as smooth as possible, drew in 6 rows, and them hand-crumbled the clumps where I could. it felt wonderful to smooth and shape the earth with my hands.

the six rows, from north to south are:

  • sweet walla onions
  • arugala and oak leaf lettuce
  • carrots
  • spinach
  • beets
  • kale

I shall need to put more lettuces and asian greens somewhere else.

I harvest quite a few beans from my old climbers, tired but still kicking out food, and from the young filet beans – slender and sweet. Something has been eating on them so they were sprayed with pyrethin & soap.

there were a few tomatoes to pick, as well as jalapenos. lots of bell peppers coming.

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