Uncle Vanya

I’m just home from the Kennedy Center, where I had the great pleasure of seeing Checkov’s Uncle Vanya by the Sydney Theatre Company.  I wanted to be there to see actors Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett and Richard Roxburgh whom I know from their film roles. They weren’t at all disappointing!

Cate is a screen goddess, always fascinating to watch. Roxburgh amused me mightily in Moulin Rouge. But I was there to see  Mr. Weaving; that’s what got me moving. Hugo intrigued me as Agent Smith in the Matrix, charmed me as Elrond in the Lord of the Rings, but he blew me away when I couldn’t even see his face in V for Vendetta. Since then I’ve seen as much of his film and tv work as I can get hold of in the US. I highly recommend Proof, the Interview, True Love & Chaos, and even After the Deluge, and Aus. made-for-tv film about 3 brothers with an aging dad. And we musn’t forget Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!

Hugo played the Doctor, a fascinating character who hung around the crumbling Serebryakov estate. He is a medical man, one who is passionate about forests. He makes maps and studies the patterns of land use. Hugo was very animated, expressive and funny.

Cate was magnificent as Elena, stalking about on her gorgeous legs, dressed in glamorous garb while everyone around her is wearing dreary rags, inflaming lust and jealousy in half the cast.

Roxburgh played Uncle Vanya, misleadingly comic and warm until his near fatal depression was revealed.

All of them could speak volumes with body language, a glance.

I was thrilled to be there, and get to see these fine actors in person.

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