art from Mountain Retreat


My week on the Rapidan River allowed much time for contemplation via drawing and painting.

One notable feature of the landscape there is the many dead hemlock trees. The area we stayed was formerly a grove of massive Hemlocks which were all killed in the 90s by an invasive insect.  Now you will see the skeletons of these trees standing ghostly, or mostly fallen giants. The standing trees are like white bleached bones, while the fallen trunks have a warm sienna colour.

Fallen Hemlock - brush pen
Rapidan riffle - brush, pen and watercolour
Rapidan rocks and logs
Mill Prong stream - H2O soluble graphite


Glee on a rock - watercolour
The Source - watercolour


OIL ON PANEL – unfinished

Rapidan River - plein-aire oil on canvas panel


3 thoughts on “art from Mountain Retreat

  1. It’s wonderful to see your new landscapes! I especially like the colors in the oil.

  2. Patrise,

    these are wonderful. thank you.


  3. Oh my gosh! These are lovely. My cousin started a page on facebook called Mind Wrought for artists to post and share their work. (I post my recipes on there because I consider it art. One because it’s food and I can eat it. And two because I cooked it, little old me and it turned out well enough for me to EAT IT!) Sometimes, I’m the only one that posts! But the art work is so much fun to admire. Yours is brilliant! Anyone can join. You should take a look. These are BEAUTIFUL. I love the watercolors and the rocks in the creek in the sketch book. Oh, how I wish I could paint. I try and try (and post some of those sometimes too) but I have no talent like you. I could look at these all day long!

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