Prepare for National Novel Writing Month with the Post a Day Challenge

November marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), a project in which thousands of writers around the world work toward completing a 50,000-word novel by November 30th.

I’m taking the bait, folks. I intend to tackle NANO this year, despite my serious trepidations. I’ve never written more than a 6,000 word fiction. I don’t have consistent writing habits, and I’m really an artist. But what I know is, I love how writing makes me feel (AMAZING), I have a Big Idea, and I know that anything is possible if I put it on my calendar and believe in it.

Here’s a good synopsis of how it works on the WP blog. If you’re intrigued, go to the main site and consider signing on!

I can use all the cheerleaders I can get, so remember, comments are love.

∞  Patrise

3 thoughts on “Prepare for National Novel Writing Month with the Post a Day Challenge

  1. Write Now, Edit Later. GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!

  2. You go girl I don’t know if I’ve ever READ 60,000 words, let alone written them!!!

  3. sadfkjas;dfj YAY! JOIN THE CRAZY!


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