Getting Ready for Creative Camp!

I am expecting a few friends for the weekend. Twelve, to be exact. Why would I volunteer to have 12 houseguests, you ask?

Well, imagine a weekend pajama party with the most creative, intelligent, generous friends, all met via internet, all willing to travel to my home in the Swamp Forest and put up with me and my pets.

We’ll share our art and writing, play outside (hike by the river, backyard bonfire), cook and eat delicious, healthy food, sing, laugh and laugh some more.

It’s the 4th Annual Fangirl’s Retreat, back by popular demand. What started with a few local Harry Potter fans in 2008 has grown to include fans of  not just Harry Potter but Sherlock Holmes (all versions), British dramas, and numerous TV series and movies. Folks are coming from all over the east coast.

Several of us are signed up for NaNoWriMo, and there will be more artists this year. Stay tuned for creativity unbound!

1 thought on “Getting Ready for Creative Camp!

  1. I hope you have better weather than this morning’s–have a blast, Fangirls!

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