4th Annual Fantastic Fall Fangirl Frolic

I have always wanted to host a group of 12 or more in this house to see if it could be done. This year’s Fangirl’s weekend was the first time I ever pulled it off, and it couldnt have been better!

I'm the tall one. Bailey the Leonberger on the right

The weather cooperated beautifully and allowed for luches on the deck, a bonfire circle, great riverside dog walks and plein aire painting.

Team Cook and Team Cleanup did an amazing job keeping everyone well fed and watered all weekend. The final count was 12 overnighters, two day trippers, four dogs and one cat. We only needed 2 air mattresses!

Ari the Italian Hound of Love and her human

What did we do? Laugh, hug, tell stories, gossip, share creative ideas, write, draw, cook, wash dishes, sweep, play with pets, walk in the splendid fall weather, laugh more, hug more, dance around the fire, eat marshmallows toasted to charcoal perfection.

fanartists hard at work

It couldn’t have been better. Thank you everyone for making this event truly the Fantastic Fall Fangirl’s Frolic.Save the Date: October 19-21, 2012

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