Something I Believe In

Art Saves Lives.

When we turn away from that inner voice, we suffer a loss of the spirit. For kids growing up in a difficult world, finding a positive purpose is incredibly challenging, but essential to their survival.. And following the muse can bring a powerful message to the wider world.

That’s why I support the work of my friend Rev. Delores Roberts, who runs art and writing programs  for young people in the DC suburbs. Her youth theater group works for two years on each performance, and this year’s play is based on the real life experiences of several students. Rev. Roberts works tirelessly and collaboratively with her local schools and young performers. A professional music director, acting coach and choreographer donate their time to the production, and the result is amazing. Young talent is developed, an important story is told, and everybody wins.

I know you all have lots of preparation for the holidays and other events to choose from, or live far away, but even if you can’t make it to the show please  send your good wishes to these dedicated kids and this inspiring program. Visit and offer an encouraging word at the blog, keep an eye on events like writing contests, reading club,  awards and more. And contribute in any way you can.

The Publick Playhouse
5445 Landover Road (Route 202)
Hyattsville, MD 20787

Saturday December 3rd
12:00 noon & 7:00 pm
call 301-277-1710 for tickets

“The Day of Reckoning” is a moving drama about David, a high school student facing difficult choices. Challenged by the demands of school, home and life, the temptations of bullying, gangs, violence and drugs, will David make the best choice?

Local kids from Prince Georges, DC and Northern Virginia star in this moving musical drama, with lots of song and dance. Come be inspired by these extraordinary young performers, using their purpose, passion and talent to make a difference.

Zoe Kids & Teens Theater is a local group dedicated to helping kids develop in the performing arts. The group is a project of Zoe Life Outreach Ministries, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, whose programs are designed to empower, inspire and help local youth make responsible choices as well as build their skills in reading and artistic expression. Visit for more information.

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