Snow Day

I always ask for snow for my birthday, but since it falls in November, I haven’t had my wish fullfilled in some years. Today, however, this quiet grey began to creep over the landscape as I was at the gym for morning workout.

By lunchtime notable flakes were drifting down. an hour later and they began to clump together: enormous flakes or tiny snowballs. Now they’re sticking around, beginning to coat a world in white.

It will always feel like magic to me, this process. Tiny diamonds, one by one, join to transform the landscape, and they do it silently. The hush that snow brings feels like a holy breath, a significant blessing.

5 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Really lovely photos! And your accompanying essay shows your even sharper ‘pen’ these days.

  2. I remember that view with fondness. It’s beautiful.


  3. Sounds and looks lovely. So far I’ve seen a few flakes while driving, but nothing in/on our “landscape”.

  4. Your pictures are exquisite, and my heart leaps up, as I “hear” your description of such beauty, Patrice. Thank You for that moment.

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