Holding Space for Art

I LEFT THE TEACHING PROFESSION YEARS AGO. At the time it felt like failure, but I followed a path into publishing and graphics and computers in graphic design and marketing and had many wonderful experiences along the way. But it seems the passions that led me to study education in school are not diminished, but have continued to inform who I am.

I’m winding down my second art class: Drawing & Painting from Nature, and have loved everything about it. I’ve watched beginning artists take chances and gain confidence. I’ve enjoyed sharing the delight in discovery as my students find their way. I’ve experimented with the balance of planning and spontaneity, technique and intuition,  control and  freedom, theory and praxis. I’ve been richly rewarded with enthusiastic participation and generous praise.

drawing and painting from NatureIt feels like the sun is shining. This feels as natural as swimming.

March classes forming now!

Contact me for details, or watch THIS.

1 thought on “Holding Space for Art

  1. Great photo – you all look so happy! BTW I went to “watch this” and it took me to a December blog. Was there supposed to be a video? I’d love to know!

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