Art from Nature class starts March 29

Drawing & Painting from Nature

Traditional and Expressive techniques

Here’s a fun class to gain experience and develop technique in drawing and painting using nature as our subject matter. Working in a variety of drawing media and watercolours we will explore technique, composition and colour working from, and with, Nature.

The natural form has a an inherent rhythm whether it’s sky, sand, leaves, fur, flames. You can capture that rhythm in your drawing and painting, by tuning in to what we and all creation have in common. Your charcoal is burnt wood, your brush is animal hair, your paper is cotton fibre, your paint is ground earth. The art is in letting the natural ways of our materials interact with your natural curiousity about the world.

Suitable for beginners as well as practicing artists, this course will help you enjoy and experiment with new and familiar media as you develop your own unique style.
You’ll Learn:
  • fun exercises that really improve your drawing
  • how to make watercolours behave (or more likely, love them when they don’t!)
  • to mix and use colour to it’s greatest effect
  • cool tricks for rendering natural textures like sky, fur, feathers etc.
  • and more!

You will:

  • gain experience with graphite & colour pencils
  • work in transparent watercolours
  • explore the qualities of different papers & boards
  • complete a finished work of art
  • SPECIAL this session: introduction to acrylic on paper
Clearwell Studio and outdoor locations
Accokeek Maryland

When: Every Thursday from March 29 to May 3, 2012
(with a bonus cherry blossom field trip March 29 weather-permitting)
9:30am to 12:30pm


To register, call 240-776-2285, email patrise or leave a comment HERE. Please include your contact information and level of experience.

* Basic materials included for class lessons. The experienced student will want to invest in their own materials as they develop.

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