Resistance to Change

Henkel Flour Mill, Cleveland OH

I heard it took extra dynamite to destroy the foundations of the old Henkel Flour mills, when the Detroit riverfront docks were being renovated. It pleases me that my great-grandfather’s legacy was so stubborn.

Odd, since I so often want to smash the past and break that rigid shell of pretending we were all shiny happy people. I want to get to the real and painful stories underneath.

This is not to say I don’t grieve the past. When what seemed so solid falls away like so much superfluous skin, I clutch and cling, railing against the tide, imagining I must have done something wrong.

Perhaps it’s not really appropriate to get “comfortable” with “change.” Once I am comfortable, I want things to hold still.

3 thoughts on “Resistance to Change

  1. Beautifully and honestly expressed. Thanks, Patrise Joan

  2. I didn’t realize the Henkel’s had mills in Cleveland AND Detroit! How ironic, to be gluten free from a gluten-rich heritage! Yes, change is hard and good! See my article at the International House of Reiki to find out what I wrote about resisting change….

  3. Dear friend, I totally understand.

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