Life without Gadgets

About three weeks ago I spent the morning in the garden, which can result in a good sweat. Wearing my cheap khaki shorts, the ones with no pockets, I shoved my cell phone in the handiest place: my bra.

I apparently steamed my phone to death, because it began to behave strangely and finally croaked. Long chats with customer service led me to try ordering a replacement battery. When it arrived, no go. Not the battery, then. I shipped it off to Texas for repairs. The thing is 3 months new.

Over a week goes by. During which we have a power outage for over three days. No lights, no fridge, no A/C, no pool (the pumps, you know), no computer, no TV. And no phone.

Today my LG Optimus V arrived in it’s little box and I gleefully tore it open. I am met with a form,  headline UNREPAIRABLE, followed by a checkbox: “moisture damage and corrosion.”  Of course, this is not covered by warranty.

Seriously. an hour in my cleavage and it drowned???

I’m disgusted. And damp. At least the lights are back on.

7 thoughts on “Life without Gadgets

  1. Wow!…tech deprivation….being a nature lover helps, but the isolation must have been intense!

  2. So sorry Patrise! Painful…. I’m going to hold the energy for a solution that comes with ease. Hugs,

  3. Yikes. Not cool phone, not cool!

    I’m glad your power is restored and hopefully you will find some way to replace your phone…

    I couldn’t even imagine…

  4. Oh that’s awful.
    I dropped my old Nokia into the dogs water bowl the other month while it was plugged in to the charger as well. Dried it out for two days in a tub of rice and it worked again. They really don’t make them like that any more.

  5. Oh, yeah! Just spent the morning revamping my woodland yard, sweaty and grateful I didn’t tuck my cell phone into my bra…. So funny! So sad! So silly! So bad! (a wee poem for thee…)

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