It’s Time to Write Your Novel!

It’s Almost time for National Novel Writing Month again!  Last November I completed a 56,121 rough (and I mean rough!) draft, Part One  of my 1st Century epic UnYielding Light (working title). This year I’m going for it again, hopefully drafting Part Two.

Read more about it over at the Women’s Pages

3 thoughts on “It’s Time to Write Your Novel!

  1. Is this only novels? Can a memoir pass as a novel? Good to talk with you this morning. XXXXX Joan

    1. there’s a section for “Nano Rebels” – for those who arent writing fiction. But the idea is to start and finish a new project in 30 days. Maybe you could launch your Ballou book! Must start something new Nov. 1, and aim for 50k by Nov 30. You can do it!!

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