Only four days left in November and my word count is only one third what it should be. I’m sad but not surprised, since I have found distraction and depression to be my daunting foes this time around.

But ultimately, I am not disappointed. Because of last year’s NANO, I’ve begun writing an amazing project, an epic even, that can keep me occupied for years. I love my characters. I’m creating in a world that is vast and mysterious, rooted in the real world, deep in ancient history and abundant in mythic lore. I have some cool processes and tools that help me move forward when I’m stuck. And I have wonderful fellow writers sharing the journey, at NaNoWriMo, The Women’s Pages and other online and real-world hangouts.

I treasure my creative life. I love that I have friends to share the journey with. I’ll still keep pushing to get this year’s draft word count up there, but I know that I am a writer now, one who has a lot of work to do!

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