Make Art, Celebrate Democracy!

It’s been called the biggest peaceful transfer of power on the planet. Today’s Inauguration celebration is the 57th such ceremony held by our young republic.For all the miseries and injustice from sea to shining sea, it’s a day to consider what we have as a nation.


In 2008 Artist Andrew Purchin took his easel and paints to the Mall and painted the scene ala plain aire. The experience inspired him to invite artists to join him this year.

Purchin said:

If every American made art of some kind for at least five minutes a day, Americans would become more reflective and innovative and our political climate would change for the better.

Keep an eye on his site at A Thousand Artists for the unfurling of American creativity!

1 thought on “Make Art, Celebrate Democracy!

  1. I agree with Purchin’s quote….what a wonderful contribution he is making….you are making…and thousands are making every day!

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