Day 1: Departure!

Today’s journey took us from Accokeek to Richmond to Wentworth NC.

We launched a bit late but in good spirits:

In Richmond we visited the studio of artist Janet Saad Cook, who makes art from light. Here are some of her Sun Drawings   projected on the ceiling of her office:

Sun Drawing by Janet Saad Cook

Here’s Janet & Josephine, with our sidekick, Tango:

Janet, Josephine & Tango

Travel across mid-southern Virginia was beautiful, rolling uncrowded road (US 360) and beautiful spring greens.

You can feel the culture change when you cross the North Carolina line, and soon after we arrived in Wentworth just as the sun was setting. Tomorrow I will take pics of the beautiful gardens here. We aren’t going anywhere tomorrow, and that’s fine by me!

3 thoughts on “Day 1: Departure!

  1. I already posted on the video but I’ll say it again. It’s such fun to be on this journey with you!!

  2. Fantastic sun drawing, Belated Hello to Janet. I’m reading the blog backwards from destination to departure and enjoying the adventure and photos that trigger stored neural impressions of western travel, like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time.

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