Bonus Post for Day 8: On the Road in the High Desert

The Josephine Report: More Highway News:

A few days ago it was my clothing strewn on the Texas leg of I-40. This morning in Santa Fe my trusty 2003 Rav4 (160,000+ miles) began sending engine-light distress signals and doing the herky-jerky while trying to shift up. This after a very expensive tab back in Clinton, MD to REBUILD the transmission!
My Albuquerque friend Marie Ginga, whom I was visiting, took me to her mechanic (open on Sunday, mirabile dictu!), he checked the transmission fluid, waved his wand over the engine, and voila! no engine light, gear shift smooth as butter.
It certainly seemed a miraculous thing, not only the mechanic on a Sunday but then the witch-doctor effect: show up and the symptoms disappear! (Later we heard that it might have been the high altitude in SF. Over 7,000 ft. has been known to challenge Toyota engines. )
We’re set to travel across 400 miles of desert to our next destination: THE GRAND CANYON. Stay tuned.
Some pictures from the Open Road:
Baja Tacos – an old Santa Fe classic
Quite a RIDE!

2 thoughts on “Bonus Post for Day 8: On the Road in the High Desert

  1. We live at 7800′ and our Toyotas seem to thrive. But ours have been doing it all their lives. Real “mechanics” are hard to find. Tiene suerte. Otra vez, bien viaje…B

  2. I love mechanics with magick wands. I have one too and he’s a MAC user.

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