Confession: I’m one of those Baddicts

Baddict: fan addicted to the AMC drama Breaking Bad, the story of a wimpy teacher who becomes a drug kingpin

Hi, my name is Patrise, and I’m powerless over Breaking Bad.

(my sincere apologies to real meth addicts)

It’s a show that I never intended to watch, as the premise sounded preposterous and revolting. But at the urging of a close friend, who’s mother was besotted, I caved and watched an episode from season 2. Before long I was hoovering up season 1, craving back-story on these characters.

Early Walter White

You’ve got Walter White, the nerdy chemistry teacher that everyone underestimates, his bored, pregnant wife Skyler, her sister Marie the kleptomaniac. Marie is married to Hank, a DEA agent. Hank dares his nerdy brother-in-law to ride along on a DEA raid and experience what real men do for a living. It’s on this odd mission that Walt meets Jesse Pinkman.

Jesse Pinkman

More accurately meets him again. Jesse is Walt’s former student, who showed no particular promise as a chemist, but is now a small-time meth cook. He escapes through a window while Hank’s guys are busting the rest of the house. Walter recognizes Jesse and lets him get away. Then looks him up later, wanting to team up to make methamphetamine.

See what I mean?  Preposterous! Oh, I forgot to mention Walt has lung cancer. Which might make some kind of motivation for his sudden interest in a life of crime. Maybe.

Despite my early reservations about the subject matter, the writing and performances have kept me riveted. It’s exactly like that train wreck: you cannot look away.

Digital illustration by Denis O'Sullivan
Digital illustration by Denis O’Sullivan

The transformation of Walter from nerdy loser to risk-taking anti-hero to dastardly villain has been amazing to watch. Everyone working on this show, from creator Vince Gilligan to composer Dave Porter and everyone in between, have concocted an epic tragedy in the guise of tv entertainment.

Much has been written about this show, by critics, fans, culturati. I count 19 podcasts about the show.

As we count down to the last few episodes interest is in full flower, social media is abuzz, theories abound and amazing fan art is being created. Here are just a few of the amazing things I’ve seen around the web.

Oh, and, for the next 4 weeks, don’t call me Sunday nights between 9 and 10.

Writers on Breaking Bad

Harvard Institute of Politics: The Haunting Philosophies of Breaking Bad

Chuck Klosterman: Bad Decisions – why AMC’s Breaking Bad beats Mad Men, The Sopranos, and The Wire

The Atlantic: Walter White was Always a Bad Guy

The New York Times: Bad in the Bones

The New Republic:  the women characters of BB


Proximity to violence =amount of hair

Colorizing Walter White’s Decay

Fan Art:

Gallery 1988’s Breaking Bad Art Show

The (self-proclaimed) Best BB Fan Art (pretty good stuff)


all songs and score tracks by episode

An interview with Dave Porter, BB’s composer


Walter White actor Bryan Cranston reads “Ozymandius”

5 thoughts on “Confession: I’m one of those Baddicts

  1. As we all know, admitting you are powerless is the first step to recovery. Now for step 2: finding a power greater than ourselves. Uh… more Breaking Bad?

    1. well, it could be Homeland. But better yet would be my own writing, fueled by inspiration from genius tv-making.

  2. I got hooked late in the game, too and still trying to catch up on past seasons. If this were any other addiction, I wouldn’t be wishing…”if only I’d started sooner”

  3. thinking about Walt and how hard it’s been to pry my loyalty away from him as he descends into evil, let’s just look at the murders:
    Emilio – horrible occupational hazard
    Krazy 8 – I actually pretended he let him go in my mind. denial!!
    Tuco – oh, asking for it!
    Dealers in ‘Full Measure’ – I CHEERED omg
    Gale – this was a tough one, I grieved for Gale, and especially Jesse’s soul
    (almost murder) Poisoning Brock – I wouldnt believe it, until that damning last shot of the Lily of the Valley gave me this sick, sinking feeling
    Fring – after ‘Box Cutter’ whatya gonna do? Still, long term, a dumb move. Gus was a really good kingpin, and his demise was brilliantly conceived and executed
    Drew Sharpe – not really Walt, right (uh, somethings not right here)
    Mike – now I really, really hated Walt for being an ass (I feel sick again)

    taking out the hit on Jesse deepened my feeling of being poisoned – Walt is infecting my soul, like he does to almost everyone.

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