Art & Angels

Lat week I received this remarkable horoscope in Rob Brezhny’s enews:

Mystic poets find the divine presence everywhere. The wind carries God’s love, bestowing tender caresses. The scent of a lily is an intimate message from the Holy Beloved, provoking bliss.

This is my world as an earth-centered pagan: the body of my god is is in and all around me. When I allow myself to open, the brilliance of life is indeed divine. There are days that a tiny insect or single fallen leaf can bring me to grateful tears. May I be ever open to this magic. There are miracles within reach at every moment.

oatmealEven a bowl of oatmeal contains the essence of the Creator; to eat it is to receive an ecstatic blessing. But those of us who aren’t mystic poets are not necessarily attuned to all this sweetness. We may even refuse to make ourselves receptive to the ceaseless offerings.

I’m making this  a prayer: Let me taste the sweetness. I take you in though my eyes and ears, filling with joy and love via music and natural beauty. Allow me to taste on my tongue and take within the sweetness of food, know it is Thy nourishment, Thy blessing, and know within that there is enough.

sea spongesTo the mystic poets, we are like sponges floating in the ocean but trying very hard not to get wet. Don’t do that this week; Scorpio. Be like a sponge floating in the ocean and allowing yourself to get totally soaked.

I took the plunge as advised and signed up for a writer’s one-day Storyweaving retreat for last Saturday. I’ve worked with this leader before, and it’s always good. I’ve even done some of the exercises before. But this day, this day was transcendent. Perfect day, we spent it in the garden, sharing writers’ issues, drinking tea, expunging our inner critic.

Now, I have a well developed inner demon critic. So this devil showed up, mean and sarcastic as always. I’m pretty good at telling him to shut up now, but still, a skillful adversary. But we were called to invite our inner helper, and look who showed up:

Rainbow Crow!

Rainbow Crow! Fierce, colorful, alive and able to fly above, see the big picture. Now THAT’s an ally I can work with!  Thanks to helpers like Carol of Storyweaving and Brezhny, I’ve got lots of angels on my shoulder.

May you soak up all the goodness available to you today, like a thirsty sponge.

6 thoughts on “Art & Angels

  1. Thank you, Patrise, for your inspiring Storyweaving! I LOVE the rainbow crow, and plan to soak up goodness today thanks to your good news!

  2. Oh, I really liked the sketch and illustration you created.

  3. Critics can be de-cawed by most any crow, rainbow or plain beau. I would like to see the flock of that fine feathered friend oftener fed, and multiplied…

    Beginning with a daily oatmeal dose, and a dozen ancillary seeds, nuts and berries in the bowl is indeed a supersized sunshine serving. One can pray at any hour of the day; starting off with a prayer bowl seems right smart.

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