In Fine Feather [reblog]

I had to share these great photos of burrowing owls, a critter I used to know when I lived in South Florida.

One thing that makes owls so appealing to us is their big eyes. The feather markings around the eyes also create what seem like human expressions. I see the same phenomenon in Tabby cats; their ‘mascara’ and facial markings give them striking expressions.

But these owls, they have great body language as well! Check them out:

Incredibly Expressive Owl Photography

Is that little owl yawning or singing? Belgian-based photographer Yves Adams has the answer as he’s the one behind the adorable shot. “Little owls are CUTE!,” he states. “They make you laugh with whatever they do! But when they start to yawn, my heart melts! This picture has been taken in Spain, with the help of Steve West. This is probably the male, who was clearly bored, while the female was in the nest on her eggs.”

Today, we bring you over a dozen photos that show you just how expressive owls can be. Whether it’s the way they tilt their heads or walk with attitude, you have to agree, they’re one photogenic bunch.

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3 thoughts on “In Fine Feather [reblog]

  1. Thanks for sharing this. An amazing blog (with other extraordinary photo collections!) and also great pictures of owls. I just saw two tiny owls at a fair on Saturday, a Screech Owl and a Saw Whet Owl (if I’m remembering right.) I wanted to pet them. The woman holding them with a thick leather glove said, “They would probably bite your finger to the bone!”

    So cute is great to look at… And I’m so happy to see these pictures without having to worry about emergency room costs!


  2. Brilliant timing and very well-composed shot!!!!

  3. Absolutely love this! Am forwarding it to all my other birds/animal loving friends! Marguerite

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