Dance that Fat Around

Not fat.

With Fashion week recently in the news, there’s been the predictable chatter about body image and the messages that designers are projecting on the runway. So much of media’s portrayal of body image has an aesthetic of the very thin. not exactly news.

Recently the lovely Jennifer Lawrence reported that “In Hollywood I’m obese… I’m considered a fat actress.” Mmm, that is some mighty svelte fat, if you ask me. As a certifiably obese woman, I find this mind-boggling, even though it’s old news. Way back in 1992 when Columbia pictures slimmed down their logo I knew we big girls were in trouble.

So today I offer you the Het Nationale Ballet (Dutch National Ballet) performing Groosland, 1989, choreography by Maguy Marin

4 thoughts on “Dance that Fat Around

  1. Remarkable, P! Thanks so much for this amazing fat dance, how energized and graceful! We should all let go of our fears and dance like this, whatever our bodies! Bodies are wonderful, fat, thin and Jennifer Lawrence, whatever she is…

  2. Josephine Withers September 25, 2013 — 6:45 pm

    Botero? Bellmer? What other ghosts are lurking here? I’m thinking Vivaldi would love this beautiful dance as much as I did. I’m wondering, though . . . are those dancers the usual bulimic skinnies when they remove their costumes?

  3. There seems to be no link to Het National Ballet (Dutch National Ballet) performing Groosland, The link to Maguy Marin just took me to WIKI’s article on her. Any suggestions? Marguerite

  4. Dancing is all about the lightness of the soul, not the sole. Waltz on!

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