Spring Colors

I found myself compelled to browse through spring photos today – and was struck by the peculiar colors we see this time of year, after the monochrome of winter. Here’s a sampling, and there are more to be seen at my Flickr (below right)

The pale skins of sycamores and their dancing shadows stand out against an impossibly blue sky, violet woods and radiant green lawn. Marshall Hall, MD
The native red cedar is ruddy even in its greens – taking on an orangey hue in the strong sunlight. Marshall Hall, MD
Red branches, gold grasses, subtle violets and reflected blue – so much color in a ‘drab’ scene!
radioactive moss and tiny blue flowers
the color in this image was so striking I made a painting of it
One of the eldest Washington cherry trees. the subtle haze of their color is so suited to early spring.

4 thoughts on “Spring Colors

  1. The trees at waters’ edge are appreciative of your ept eye. Dunno if that’s a word, but if’n not, than substitute ‘able’ 😉


  2. thanks for the reminder that it’s coming!

  3. In the last photo of the Cherry Tree I see a Baseball player ready to ‘BAT’; then made slightly comical by the leg of a passerby that appears to keep the BATTER ready to strike!

    1. yes! I thought this was such an amusing and peculiar shot, for that very reason.

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