Cherry Blossom Time!



This Sunday April 13th if you’re in the DC area you can come and join me and other plein aire painters while we paint cherry blossom landscapes at the foot of North Capitol Street. Click on the map for directions.

If you are NOT local, click HERE.

Bring your sketchbook, easel and brushes, camera or phone, picnic or dog, or just your eyeballs. These are some of the prettiest trees in the city, complete with Capitol view and reflecting pool, andthere’s parking on the weekends.  (Please don’t tell anybody! It’s my big secret, just you & me.)

UntitledLast year we went to Fort Washington Park and there were just a few lovely old Yoshino trees, but no water for them to reflect in, which really makes them extra pretty.

You can tweet me at @PatriseArt for realtime info, in case I just can’t take the beauty of the day and end up there sooner, which seems very likely.

Carpe Diem!




4 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Time!

  1. beautiful ! both the photo and the painting !

  2. I wish I could join you this Sunday, but I’m hot on the pursuit of weird plants to illustrate down here in VA this weekend–spring has finally sprung, and it’s prime time for flowers of every imaginable kind. Enjoy the cherries, my friends! I look forward to seeing some paintings.

    1. Here’s to weird plants! It was a great day, but it was pink snow day already! they are soooo fleeting, our lovely yoshino cherries. all life is abloom, it’s true. so I’m off after the next bright shiny object. love and watching at your pretty blog too.

  3. What is permanent, in this pretty snow of pink, is the appreciation of samplers of your canvas, that you so ably keep the blossoms on the trees for year-round viewing of these majestic, venerable examples of cross-cultural civility.

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