New Music is Sprouting!

I am watching the newly green trees sway in the breeze and grooving to this marvelous new record from my neighbor, singer, songwriter, mother, baker, physical therapist, gardener, and all-around amazing woman: Lynn Hollyfield. I wrote about her song Boats Gone By in 2012.

If you supported Lynn Hollyfield‘s Kickstarter campaign for In the Balance you already know… In fact like me, you are already listening to the new CD!  If you don’t yet have it, you can go download your copy right now at!


But if you want the real deal, click here to purchase the CD or download the album, and come to the CD release party:

In The Balance – CD Celebration Concert
Saturday, April 26th     6 – 10pm

The HomegrownCoffeehouse-Season Finale

Accokeek Foundation – Education Center
3400 Bryan Point Road
Accokeek, MD 20607

Lynn sings Fear the Wind from the new recording:


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