Anti-Heros: Where are all the Women?

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I love me a great anti-hero, from Batman to V for Vendetta to the evil yet delicious Frank Underwood. So I enjoyed this blog and loved it’s important question: Where ARE the women? (I suppose Claire Underwood could earn the title in her own right, but the show really is about Frank. See ‘sidekick’ in the discussion of key features of a great anti-hero, below). Tell me about your anti-hero loves (or hates!), and tell me why we don’t see more women in these roles.

Anti-Heroes: Why Devious is so Delectable,
and Where are all the Women?

I don’t watch much TV. In fact, I binge on one show per year on Netflix, maybe two if it’s a good year in television, but that’s about it. (There are just too many good books to read.) But recently I’ve become addicted to the political thriller House of Cards and the indomitable Frank Underwood. With each episode, I find myself absolutely gripped—both fascinated and horrified by this character. I wait with bated breath for his next brilliant comment, his crocodile smile, and the twist of his knife in someone’s back. Another superb detail I adore is that Frank is from a small town in Georgia, so his lilting accent and charm almost make you believe he’s a gentleman. Almost.

Frank Underwood got me to thinking. What’s so great about him? He is egotistical, driven, conniving, adulterous—even murderous, yet he’s an amazing orator, a statesman with manipulative skills that are unparalleled, and above all, powerful. Also? He loves his wife. Though his needs are often first and foremost, he truly loves his wife and it shows. Frank isn’t the only anti-hero…

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