Don’t Blame Eve, or the Snake

From the movie Noah comes this retelling of the Genesis creation story, which warms my earth-loving feminist heart, as it doesn’t demonize either the Serpent or the Woman. What is forbidden is the Knowledge of Evil, there’s no telling the gender of the fruit-picker. But those who carry out the murder of their brothers appear to be not-women.

I doubt neither Darren Aronofsky or I really seek to blame men for violence, but for me, it’s important lift the burden of sin off of our foremother Eve.

In the narrative of the film, the snake’s skin becomes a sacred symbol of inherited wisdom.  One critical Christian web site called it ‘the skin of satan.’ Noah uses the skin in his son’s initiation, when he tells him the creation story. He wraps the skin around his arm and it merges with him, turning to a spiral energy pattern that looks an awful lot like DNA.

In the Wiccan philosophy, the Serpent is a wise and simple creature, one that sheds her skin when it is outgrown, and begins again. The snake biting its tail, the Ouroborus, is an ancient symbol of infinity and the cycle of life.

So I for one was thrilled to see a version of the story that didn’t blame the woman or the snake.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Blame Eve, or the Snake

  1. Josephine Withers July 1, 2014 — 11:45 am

    The Wikipedia plot summary doesn’t do much for me, but I’ll give it a try on my small home screen 🙂

    I’m of a mind that the Eve/snake story was a patriarchal retelling of the even more ancient traditions of power women and their snakes — viz. Cretan priestess holding snakes aloft; or the oracular priestesses at Delphi and Athens with their autocthonos snakes.

    That’s my thought for the moment, Jose

  2. Me too, Patrise! Maybe I’ll have to see the movie after all!

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