Depression: Not that Simple

In light of the very public death of Robin Williams, and in the spirit of Blogging for Mental Health 2014, I wanted to reveal some of the really challenging things that depressed people live with. (I’ve bolded the ones that have been particularly pernicious for me.) Many of these symptoms and tendencies seem innocuous or unimportant, but they can add up to an unbearable life.

Things Nobody Tells You
About Being Depressed

Reach out, in what ever way you can, to a friend, professional, clergy, online. The headline above links to a wide variety of resources.

6 Replies to “Depression: Not that Simple”

  1. I am not your mirror, but it tells me that it is daily refreshed by your honest smile. As is your appreciative friend who drives yonder yellow jalopy. May a glance at said Spiegel confirm my view, and may you glance out into the greenery for an additional refresshment. Folks who use their ears more’n their mouths when someone cycles downward are likely a better boon.

  2. Thanks for this. #4, #20 and especially #7 have really snuck up on me recently. Time to get on the self-care, no-pressure wagon again and do something about it before the rest of the numbers kick in.

    1. Friends can listen, can gently redirect to the present and the positive. For me, friends give me a reality-check when I am sliding into super-critical. If someone you know is really struggling and not reaching out, offer them resources, and if they are unable to take action, go with them to a support group to get them in the door. I know dear friends have done all these things for me. 😉

      1. This is really helpful! Thank you so much…. It’s so important to me to be able to make a difference, but sometimes what I think being helpful might be doesn’t turn out to be helpful at all! Paradoxes of love!

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