Walk the Beach on a Moonless Night


On the beach at ebb tide, in this moment of darkness, there is no moon and no fanfare. Look into the wet sand as the wave retreats. In the starlight, watch the water drain from around each tiny grain as the sea runs back into herself. Notice the stars reflected in the wet sand, a light you would never see at a brighter time.

Ask yourself:
What else might I not be seeing?
What other lights are within me?


photo credit: ‘The beach at Tjørnuvík, Faroe Islands’ cc 2008. by Hans Juul Hansen

3 thoughts on “Walk the Beach on a Moonless Night

  1. The subtle shifts and gradations from white to black are amazing in this photo.

  2. And ye sighted stars, whether above, or indeed in the mirrored sand under-foot: note the advantage of focusing on them in lieu of the spaces between… The darkness between the illuminati are but buffers, to enhance the brilliance of each star’s independent cheer.

  3. Such a beautiful image evoking paragraph about the shoreline and darkness! XXX

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