Summer Painting

You can catch me at the monthly Moyaone Markets, where I often have art for sale and in progress. In good weather I love to set up outside and invite anyone to make art with me, and that’s what I did at the August 1 Market, a blissful summer’s day.

I had a variety of guest artists of all ages, and we had fun in the dappled shade, splashing our watercolors, sprinkling with salt for cool effects, and watching the colors run and bloom, just like the flowers we were painting.

Haven’t you wanted to pick up the brush or pen and make images? What’s holding you back?

Next Moyaone Market Saturday September 5
9am-1pm  •  2311 Bryan Point Rd, Accokeek MD


3 thoughts on “Summer Painting

  1. Absolutely great marketing!


  2. Terry Nicholetti August 23, 2015 — 9:49 am

    I want to bring the kids on the 5th. I’ll try to make that work

  3. Patrise Re; “Haven’t you wanted to pick up the brush or pen and make images? What’s holding you back?”

    We hope to join you to “make art” at the next Moyaone Market Sat. September 5, weather permitting. Neither of us do well when the heat in VA becomes hot and humid..most oppressive [particularly for those like myself who were born in kinder, gentler tropical climes [overseas) What should we bring? For example, an apron to absorb wild, abandon splashes? Hope you see this ..and repondez.s,i.p. I sent it to the 3 Contact e-addresses I have.. not sure if all are still current.??!! Let me know which of them to delete.…..


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