The Last of the Granny Witches

I come from a long line of weather witches and empaths. My foremothers are czech farmers. Deep within, we know the ancient ways.

2 thoughts on “The Last of the Granny Witches

  1. May I ask what you mean by weather witch? I come from a line of women with “storm headaches”, so it’s an area of interest to me.

    1. I first noticed when very young my mother would pray for good weather and get it. When I was a bit older, she taught me how she did it, willing the clouds to gather or disperse. She could feel the atmosphere, the wind and the water, and seemingly coax it to her will. Now, perhaps she was just good at sensing the weather, and gave the illusion of controlling it. but I paid attention. Years later as a witch and great fan of global radar maps, I have worked with continental weather, and my aunt, her sister, she did it too, the years she had to drive Florida to Ohio repeatedly, she would “blow the storms out” ahead of her. I made a hell of a blizzard once, too. with a spell. Will never get that heavy-handed again!

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