A Clouded View

When I come downstairs in the morning I open the door for my two critters, who trot happily out the door. They always greet the day with tails held high, so delighted to greet the world. I sip my coffee and come to consciousness more slowly.

Char (l) and Lily

In fact I’m cautious how I approach the day. Will I get it right, make progress, be successful? Or will I fail to complete enough tasks to feel at peace? Did I do well enough yesterday? Will I be ready for tomorrow? These processes are running constantly, just below my regular awareness.

Yesterday I was reading a list of affirmations from my therapist. I mentally knock them off: nah, not me, unh-uh, not for me, nope—then I come to one that hits a nerve:

“The present moment is perfect, even if I don’t like what’s happening.”

Somehow this one stops me, For a flash I see it: a perfectly beautiful world, my pets here with me, blue sky, soft green grass, the shimmering water beyond. I hear birds and feel the soft air on my skin, and think “how could I not see this a moment ago?” and with that, a shadow falls over my thinking again, doubt and judgement resume their program.

I felt a cloud of negativity lift, and I saw the world clearly, just for a moment. It was a bit astonishing. I’ve worked hard at keeping destructive thoughts at bay. I’ve learned to rely on my higher power and find peace in uncertainty.  But this – this grey film over my reality, I don’t want to see the world through gloom colored glasses!

I listened to the magical wordsmith Caroline Casey yesterday:

Expectation and Disappointment are dance partners. Better that we dwell on Willing, its dual meaning of intention and availability.”

Now that I’ve seen beyond the veil, I can’t lose this: a brighter world is right there, just behind that grey. That if I feel low, hopeless, or worthless it’s  only my old distorted view, and I can shift perspective.  That I can upgrade my thinking by deciding where to focus.

And when I forget, please do remind me!


4 thoughts on “A Clouded View

  1. Love that — focusing on WILLING! Beautiful. Hello puppykitty!

  2. Patrise, I’m going to Madrid at the end of this week. No… it’s a holiday trip** I worked there for many years, including.. a law firm, auditors etc. ( I’m bilingual) I need to attend to some personal admin. matters. So if you don’t mind, please hold off on the Art, Spirit, Nature until further notice. I’m unsubscribing from regular e-letters that pop in (some every other day) from various sources, just to diminish the volume of incoming mail while I’m away.



    **apart from a 6 day sejour in the Lot et Garonne area to stay with a dear old friend whom I haven’t seen in years. She and her late husband came to Madrid when we were married in a friend’s garden

  3. Thank you, Patrise, for spreading the good word… about the veil of gloom. It comes at a time when I am recovering from a relapse and re-visiting the habit of keeping a gratitude journal. It also comes at a time when I am endeavoring to drum up discipline to invest in activities that will benefit me in the long-run. Your blog put fuel in my tank!

    1. Thank you, V! 💙 I’m seeing more & more how powerful our perception really is.

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