Comes the Thinning of the Veil

My mother died 24 years ago in late October, and we held her wake on All Soul’s Day, November 1.  With all preparations completed, my father, brother and I were looking at a long, sleepless night ahead. It was All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, the night when the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest.

flatsatnighta6caOn a late October night the river bears no resemblance to the brilliant, blue-green paradise of summer. Our island home was now unpopulated – summer homes closed up, their dark windows staring blindly across the river, where a chill wind shoved angry waves up the river.

So, of course, we went out in the boat. Not any boat, but a big yacht that my brother skippered. As we sailed up a river dotted with family memories, we shivered, clutching cups of instant coffee for warmth, peering into the gloom.

Her passing had left us all stunned, with a deep sense of unreality. We hadn’t even begun to understand how much strength and stability she provided to each of us. So the dark and barren world felt somehow just right: the earth was blighted without her. All growing things and all joy had gone away with her, Persephone, but never to return.

The Veil Grows Thin

I wasn’t searching for contact with my mother on this eerie voyage. I had already spent the three days following her death in meditation, helping her soul fly free to where she was meant to be. In truth, I was afraid of her angry spirit. My mother’s judgement has proved as devastating in death as it was in life.

Today I want connection with the woman who was bold, curious and creative, and asked the big questions of life. The woman who would have a bad day and take good care of us all anyway. And the woman who has known the universe beyond the veil.

Stay if you will, Go if you must. So mote it be.


6 thoughts on “Comes the Thinning of the Veil

  1. Trise,

    This piece is *wonderfu*l! Evocative of deep feelings and beautifully written, as well!! I wish I wrote like this!! xxxx Joan

    On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 9:15 AM, Art, Spirit, Nature wrote:

    > PatriseArts posted: “My mother died 24 years ago in late October, and we > held her wake on All Soul’s Day, November 1. With all preparations > completed, my father, brother and I were looking at a long, sleepless night > ahead. It was All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, the night when the” >

  2. Lovely and touching. And a beautiful piece of writing.

    I have a series of poems I’m writing for Russ, while he’s still on this side, I want you to read this one. Love,


    Love Lyric #1 –

    The veil between the worlds is thinnest now as wispy as the silk of spider web. Don’t treat it harshly. I will teach you how to gently part the filamentsinstead. The web is meant to let our fingers touch, while love’s old tremors shiver at a brush.

    1. oh, my. Dear one, that is so beautiful.

  3. Wow, Patrise, this is a great piece of writing from your heart!

  4. A beautiful, strong homage to your mother. You are an amazing, heart-full, truth-full writer, my friend.

  5. Hi Patrise!

    I’m Jo, I’m an artist, writer, traveller, wild west nut ( and renaissance soul.

    I’ve recovered from thirty years of depression and anxiety and I’m now blogging on Creating My Odessey about the rebuilding of my creative lifestyle. I’m hoping to reach ppl with mental health issues and creative’s in general to encourage, inspire, and hopefully give some enjoyment! I wondered if you’d like to look at it. Thank you.

    Jo UK

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