Turtle Tale

After success with the “blob painting” technique I wanted to go a step further. The delight of blob painting is what shows up, like images in the clouds. Starting a larger piece on better paper, my initial blobs were without intent, just color and movement. I don’t have a photo of that stage, but you can see it under the white line drawing below.

After the ‘blobs’ sea turtles appeared!
I took a bold step with deeper color to get a more under-sea feeling. I tested this in photoshop but the result was disappointing. Too busy, and I lost all the white.
So I got out the intense liquid watercolors and deepened all the blues.

Then I started in on turtle patterns. One thing I love in my reference photos is the bright aqua highlights. Since I’d killed all my what’s paper, I got out the acrylic. I always feel like I’m not making a watercolor anymore when I take this step. But, painting the fine highlights of yellow @ aqua gave me the turtles I wanted.

At this point I can see that I need more of the deeper aqua moving thru the background, indicating clear sandy bottom in places.

I didn’t want to turn this into an acrylic painting but I think I have already!

Any other ideas? I’d love your thoughts. Here or on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Turtle Tale

  1. Loved this.  Miss you.

    Please get in touch.


  2. Jennifer Williams April 26, 2020 — 10:34 am

    Patrise, this is marvelous! I am fascinated by how this painting evolved…and without intention toward its destiny! As you would probably guess, my mom was not a “purest” when it came to being allowed to use only one kind of paint. “A painter utilizes what is in his or her paintbox,” I remember her saying. (In other words, use the talents and tools that you are given!)



  3. wow I must try this! what a gret idea. SO you just paint blobs and see what emerges.? This sample you drew the turtles? I really like deep blues! Fun! I want to paint clouds. I have this painting and the idea is all about playing. I loved looking up at the clouds and seeing the shapes. Yes I still have my head in the clouds.

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