Swimming in the Sky

Have you ever noticed when you swim in a lake on your back- you could be paddling among the clouds? The mirror of water borrows blue & white from the sky, and floating, suspended, I feel the water as soft as air against my skin.

Clouds float with me, or cross my path, throwing a great shadow then revealing heavenly light.

I’m drying off after my swim, air moving with a cool edge that foretells of evening. But a wind kicks up, rushing through the trees, as I ask “what’s that noise?” And my wrap becomes a sail, fortunately snagged on a willow branch. Leaves skitter and skim the now-ruffled lake, as a great wave of air rushes in. It knocks my shoe in the water! I lunge to hook it with my cane before it too sails away.

I am filled with the air & water, refreshed, restored and relaxed.

I’m realizing that I am blessed by my love-of-landscape. Not just a pretty picture but all of it: green, furred, hills; sweet, cool, water; rocks like forest furniture; -my home wraps her loving around me.

1 thought on “Swimming in the Sky

  1. Lovely images!

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