Living my Art-Spirit Nature

A new calendar year brings the feeling of a fresh start, of an inauguration, a setting sail, that’s uplifting and hopeful. I’ll take all of those ideas and add them to my heart’s momentum for this year ahead. And declare this intention.

I intend to live fully into my Art Spirit Nature.

Art Spirit Nature has been the name of this blog since the beginning, laughably because I couldn’t decide what it was going to be about. Today it means something much more specific. I am a Spiritual being, I am a child of Nature (The Goddess), and I am a creative person. Not quite right: Creative is my Nature. Art is my Spirit. Or try this: I live in a creative state. present and aware of our divine nature.

In every living moment I have the gift of awareness . This means I have infinite and intimate access to the beauty of all the universe. My divine nature means that I am connected to all things, a powerful and intricate inner network.

One of my earliest teachers bravely tried to teach preteens about metaphysical truths. “You are One with Everything.” This sounded good! Trippy! We laughed at him and tried to figure out what he was talking about. Fifty-some years later I think I begin to really understand. The light within infuses me with life, with awareness. The source? the same divine power at the center of all creation. My nervous system connects me to the big bang, on an energetic continuum.

Oh dear, words fail me! Well, its a good thing we have Art. And that’s what this is about.

A New Journey into the Unknown

In 2020 I righted my tumbling trajectory and set down on a new planet. I created my sustainable biosphere despite a pandemic, and now can really turn my attention to the creative life. In October I connected with a new painting teacher (more on this soon.) I began to make experimental work, to explore beyond where I had gone before.

So the blog is revived with a new purpose: to share the journey of my creative process, and to live that process as my spiritual path. I invite you to follow along and share your discoveries.

If we do not venture into the unknown, how would we ever discover what’s been there all along?


2 thoughts on “Living my Art-Spirit Nature

  1. One comments both on the gift of self-awareness, and how sharing same awakens others’ inner eyes 😉

    Another who is lucky is your teacher – raising the student’s connection to All, raises the alert guide’s horizons also.

    Ever believing in you, Patrise!

  2. Go forth. Go inward. Go . . .


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