Some days I flounder, some days I glide

For the past few days I’ve been wrangling my newest work into a ‘book.’ It’s over 25 painted 12x 18” pages, the final product of the SPARK workshop I did in November.

I’ve pushed out so much art and moved through new ideas and methods… it’s dizzying! I’m wrapping up today having tried & failed to photograph the book. Lighting, warped pages, wrong kind of camera mount, arg!

But the great thing about this: I spent today thinking about and working with art. I put colors and shapes and ideas in my head. And best of all I’m realizing how much I’ve accomplished in the past few months. No wonder it’s proving unwieldy in documentation!

Here’s a taste:

Enter the SPARK- beginning the 30page book of 12 x 18” paintings.
Snow Day
A Snow Day
Many pages of useful exercises.

2 thoughts on “Some days I flounder, some days I glide

  1. You’re making me want to paint! Great work, Patrise! Do you recommend Spark?

  2. Snow Day is great.

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