A New Art Year

This week I’m spending more time on wrangling equipment and processes, instead of getting paint on paper. But, I am scaling up! My latest 12 x 18″ paintings feel too small.

Assembling this new easel took a whole afternoon! But the result is satisfying. I debated build-your-own vs. purchase, and chose to buy this studio easel on wheels. It’s big enough to help me work on larger paintings.

New easel, new supports

Then off to the lumber store and I got great help from John choosing a painting surface and getting the first sheet cut into smaller pieces. It’s a lovely finish plywood, light and smooth. The good stuff was on sale this week! I have one huge board for taping paper onto, and a bunch of smaller ones for priming. Next stage : create an easy way to build cradles (support frames) for panels, because the larger ones will be too flexible. That will require angle clamps and a design for buying pre-cut lumber. 

For inspiration, here’s my teacher Nicholas Wilton on the power of play in art

1 thought on “A New Art Year

  1. Very cool! You go, Patrise! I may have to follow in your footsteps!

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