Following the BreadCrumb Trail

In October I joined the free ‘Breadcrumbs’ class from Art2Life. For five days we had live Zoom calls with painter Nicholas Wilton and his team, an incredibly generous offering.

Over five days Nick led us on a journey along our own trail of breadcrumbs. With a thematic question each day, I headed into the unknown: new colors, new mark-making, new compositions, new genres!

The first day’s powerful question:

“What does my art want to be?”

Cast off the fetters of civilization!

Set the spirit free!

What new thing wants to emerge? Create an opening for something new to arise.

Connect with the fiery, watery, earthy, airy and spatial energies that infuse me.

NOW I’ve got some amazing new themes to work with!

Stay tuned for more on Breadcrumbs and other painting adventures.

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