Three Paintings before Breakfast

This morning I was watching videos about British artist Jenny Grevatte.

I only had a brief time before an appointment, but I grabbed 2 colors and a sketchbook and tried something.

I was delighted what happened in such a short time!

Of yesterday’s 3 sketches, the one on the right is looking really good to me.

Sometimes it’s hard to get started. Like anything, the engine is cold – it needs a little push and some warm up time. I’m finding ways to get past this.

Then I have something with promise, but what to do with it? A big hurdle that SPARK helped me with is moving past the “I’ll ruin it!” fear. I created it – its mine to ruin! and to improve. Move forward!

Now the new frontier is to develop something that’s well underway. Where to take it next?

I’m good at starting things! I’m getting better at moving things on… now… how to find the finish line?

Categories Art

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