Back to School!

I began the Creative Visionary Program (CVP) first week of March and I’ve been immersed in art challenges every day since! I’m just finishing up Week 4 on the power of Value, but there is so much that has already happened!!

Our first two weeks were dedicated to vision boards, intuitive collage /mixed media boards dedicated to Inspiration, Desire, & My Art. These were challenging in any number of ways. First of all there is TOO MUCH. I have too much inspiration, too many things I want to do, try, be, paint, draw, say, evoke, create. It reminds me of my first attempts at meditation, when being with my mind was like sitting under a thundering waterfall of mental noise.

Our instructor says these are never done, you will always need to refine and revisit these, but its good to get something up on the wall about what moves you, what you long for, and where you’ve been.

Inspiration Board

WHAT INSPIRES ME: Lacking shiny magazines or a color printer, I focused on natural patterns and old science drawings, maps, and a few words.

desire board

The Desire board threw me for a while – this often happens, I have some fear about wanting what I want. The first and most powerful thing that came was a visceral feeling , my big, strong body striding over rocks, embracing the mountain in front of me.

Then I made a graphic version, spelling out details.

my art

The third vision board is a collection of My Art, past, present & future. I have been making images for so long – I can see my first ever acrylic painting on cardboard, around age 10. I could probably recreate it! Acrylic colors were new then, I really disliked the plasticky quality. I had been painting horse portraits in oil paint for several years. So none of that goes back so far… it would be interesting to try to do a life survey of past art, but for this I used an impressionist style landscape from about 6 years ago, and launched from there. everything else is since last year.

What’s Next?

Keep an eye out for Week 3, 4 and more coming soon!

1 thought on “Back to School!

  1. Jennifer Williams March 29, 2021 — 12:31 pm

    So productive!!! Glad you’re happy. Just got my first Covid shot today — finally! J



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